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Swim Clinics. Sales Ended. Event description. Description Learn champion performance techniques on all four strokes.

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FAQs What can I bring to the event? You will need your goggles, towel, water bottle, small snack, and a great attitude! How can I contact the organizer with any questions? Tim: tkeogh strakejesuit. Read more Read less. Refunds up to 7 days before event. Map and Directions View Map. View Details. Swim Clinics Event creator. Events you might like:. SportsFitness Class. Share this event. SportsFitness Gala. SportsFitness Tournament. SportsFitness Game.

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Log in. It's a very commendable quality above and beyond all the sporting accolades. So now, sit back, relax and enjoy hearing from one of the very best ever in this open, honest and candid discussion with The Man! Today we speak with Coach Matt Koorey about all things swim and triathlon coaching, starting with a deep-dive into the anxieties and phobias many of us have around swimming in the open water but are often too embarrassed to admit to and talk about.

Recorded on Australia Day, this is the perfect discussion with the perfect Australian coach who was inspired by his own father, John Koorey - the first Australian male to swim across the English Channel in in a brilliant time of 10h32m - to follow his passion for sport. And let me tell you, there is no one more passionate about this sport of triathlon than Matt please excuse the odd expletive - it's the passion bubbling to the surface!

Whilst not currently operating a swim squad or sessions, Matt's philosophies and experience very much echo Paul's and the rest of the Swim Smooth coaching team, and to that end, they are very good mates. Matt spent several years being mentored by coach Brett Sutton arguably the most decorated coach in triathlon history with athletes such as Chrissie Wellington, Nicola Spirig and Daniela Ryf to his coaching credentials. Matt's first for knowledge and improving himself as a coach, athlete, Dad and husband come pouring out of this interview, so we really hope you enjoy! Nineteen years as a professional triathlon coach.

This is what he was born to do.

He demands focus. He demands excellence. There is no hand-holding.

No sugar coating. He tells you what you need to hear because he is as invested in your success as you are. This raw, lengthy 2h45m! Simon also finished 2nd and denied a 6th title in a sprint with the Kazakhstan athlete, Dmitry Gaag, who was later banned for the use of EPO Arriving in the UK and how he wasn't universally accepted as being "British" especially up against his great rival, Spencer Smith, who between the two of them, won 8 world titles throughout the s.

10 Swim Safety Tips From Olympians and the USA Swimming Foundation

Simon's mother is British and he is always proud to claim that he never raced for any other country, including his birth country of South Africa. It's easy to look at the to period in British triathlon history with the dominance of the Brownlee Brothers and say "that's when Britain really took off in triathlon! How effective was this move? How effective was the environment?

Was it necessarily the best place for Simon to have been? How did various personalities and agendas play out in arguably the world's leading triathlon training facility at that point in time. Simon's raw and unfiltered look at this period is highly refreshing and gives Paul a wee kick up the bum to boot! Preparing and racing the Sydney Olympic Games.

Camp Coaches

What was the new draft-legal environment like? Did it suit Simon? What was the game plan? How did it unfold? History shows Simon's place of 9th overall was a huge disappointment for himself and everyone that supported him including Paul Newsome on his couch in Bath with his student mates - including a young Leanda Cave - watching in eager anticipation in the wee hours and Simon candidly digs into this whole period as we also reflect on the adjustment to Simon's training methodologies to prepare for what was essentially a brand new sport draft legal where everything was very new tactically Life after competing and what Simon brings these days to the athletes that are lucky enough to be coached by him You can read more about what Simon is up to these days at www.

Joe is basing himself over here in sunny Perth with the Swim Smooth Perth Squad for the southern hemisphere summer after discovering Swim Smooth online some years ago and using the Guru to help him dial up a 50 minute Kona swim split this year to couple up with a 4h15m bike and 2h54m run. Joe is an avid technology user when it comes to training and tells us how he's used this to help develop an innate ability to pace himself exceptionally well in races. Currently, there's a bit of a debate raging online on the advantages vs disadvantages of using technology when it comes to knowing your body, but Joe's insight together with both Paul's and Adam's experience should help you fathom out what is best for you.

This is a no-holds barred interview with Joe - one of the most open athletes out there who discusses openly the nitty gritty of his training and racing preparation. It's been really exciting for the squad having Joe train here alongside all the members, so we really hope that you also enjoy this candid interview where you get to know much more about one of the real prospects for a future Hawaii Ironman podium. Happy New Year! Here's the podcast you need to kick start your with a massive bang! Greg was Swim Smooth Head Coach Paul Newsome's sports physiologist as part of Chris Jones's One Vision triathlon team back in the mids and the inspiration behind Paul following his path in sports science and coaching.

Greg's book "Achieve the Impossible" is exactly what you need to kick start your year the right way. Ever wondered what this crazy-looking new sport of SwimRun is all about? You know, the world's biggest growth endurance sport that is turning heads and being rated as the single-hardest one day endurance event on the planet?

Yeah, that one where you see people running around in their wetsuits, supposedly "cheating" with their pull buoy and paddles, and then weirdly swimming in their trainers from island to island? Well wonder no more as today we are joined by the triple world champions, Annika Ericsson and Kristin Larsson who know a thing or two about the sport and are here to share their experiences and a wealth of knowledge and hopefully inspire you to take part in what has rapidly become Swim Smooth Head Coach Paul Newsome's favourite new sport! Needless to say, Paul has a new hero and it's that hero we're going to be speaking to today!

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So sit back, relax, enjoy and let's learn a little more about the sport of SwimRun! Episode 6 - interview with Andy Blow, Precision Hydration - tips on better hydration for endurance. You'll notice a distinct similarity in Andy's work with individualisation in this regard to our own Swim Types www.

Magnet link - Gold Medal Swimming Tip #1

Andy shares some interesting insights into his time working with the Bennetton Formula One racing team and Porsche much to Adam's excitement, being a massive F1 fan himself including superstars such as Giancarlo Fisichella and Jenson Button and their cross-training pursuits into triathlon. We look at simple hydration strategies that will really make a difference for you as well as how to avoid pitfalls such as hyponatremia which can be life threatening. For additional hydration tips and strategies and to follow some of the amazing athletes who use Precision Hydration to get their edge, follow them on thesweatexperts on the usual social media channels.

Episode 5 - an interview with the world's fastest female Ironman swimmer, Lucy Charles and her coach. What an amazing interview we have lined up for you today with the fastest ever female Ironman swimmer, Lucy Charles UK and her coach and partner, Reece Barclay also a professional triathlete! I could increase my stroke length and look better, but I could never sustain that. The way I swam was a little different and I used to swim next to Grant Hackett one of the best freestylers of all time - I looked a little like a rag doll next to him but I came pretty close to him in Athens and that was the best way for me to swim.

Episode 4 - The History of Swim Smooth - an extended special to celebrate our 14th birthday! Increase in awareness of Swim Smooth starts to build, ultimately rising to a subscribership of over , weekly readers of our FREE blog www. We launch our biggest project to date, the Swim Smooth Guru www. During the show, Dean Jackson gamechanger discusses with Paul and Adam the vision for the company and recalls how Paul and Adam's insight utilising the Swim Smooth Swim Types methodology helped conceive the first few series of suits to embrace and acknowledge how everyone needs a suit to fit them individually with respect to their buoyancy profile and how they swim.

We get the low-down and juicy inside information about Red Bull's Ross Edgley's amazing km swim around the UK GreatBritishSwim and how many wetsuits it took to get him round during this epic circumnavigation to set an amazing new world record. One thing's for sure - this is a not-to-be-missed episode of the Swim Smooth Podcast! In the show Paul and Adam discuss with Tom the issues of plastic wastage facing the oceans and waterways of the world, specifically in the Bali region.